Expensive weddings – a show up or a rub in your face?

Expensive weddings are in a way a mockery of the poor from the elite – as seen with the recent royal wedding in the UK. It’s an unnecessary show off in the modern world.

Weddings used to be a show off of a new alliance between families – now weddings are unions between people based on love and feelings. The reason for the wedding has changed, but the ceremony has remained.

Hairdressers In Pinner High Street

Hairdressers-LondonHairdressers in Pinner High Street have been making men and women of all ages feel magnificent by providing a wide array of hair styles and treatment. Some have history that dates as far back as thirty years ago. They are passionate about hair dressing and promise their clients the latest in hair cutting and treatment. They offer free consultation and skin tests to ensure that clients understand their hair and the products which to always go for when looking for specific outcomes. The hairdressers have gone beyond the conventional hairdressing techniques to assume high standards in their activities.

Among some of the services that hairdressers in pinner bridge street promise their clients include;

– Fully-equipped and modern salon

– Top quality hair products used & sold

– Fantastic customer service

– Free initial consultation and skin tests

– Competitive prices

– Wedding hair

– Men’s hair cutting and coloring

– Kérastase consultant salon

The hairdressers promise hair salon offer from places where a whole family can spend a weekend and have specialized and welcoming hair stylists attending to each person, from the grandchild to the grandfather. They pride themselves in being competent and possess excellent customer care skills manifested in personnel who keenly listen to what the client desires and go ahead to perform the service to exceed expectation.

In summary;

Some hairdressers in pinner have franchises that offer a varied range of services and products for beauty lovers. Their services are reasonably priced and most are dependent on the type of service to be offered as well as the type of products to be used in bringing out the best experience in clients. They have also set up online marketing platforms as they seek to utilize the power of social marketing and online presence. They are many and promise their clients an experience like no other in so far as hairdressing is concerned.

Amazing Built In Wardrobes for Your Modern Bed Room

Build in wardrobes are the new trend, many interior designers and home owners are opting for them, unlike the traditional wardrobes that would take up so much space. With a built in wardrobe, home owners are able to save space, and make the most out of the space available. If you are in London, and have been looking to have built in wardrobes for your modern bedroom, then there is only one place where you should get them; fci London.

Why FCI London?

  • Founded over 30 years ago, fci London has a wealth of experience interior designing and stocking the best furniture for all home use, from built in wardrobes, sofas, dining chairs, tables, and so on so forth.
  • When you go shopping for built in wardrobes for your modern bedroom from fci London, you’ll find skilled and experienced interior designers, who’ll offer you free advice on how to design and customize your wardrobe. This will be determined by the size and shape of your modern bedroom.
  • Nowadays, a bedroom is more than just a sleeping room; modern bedrooms have emerged that are equipped with the latest furniture pieces. A good built in wardrobe will go a long way in helping compliment the look and ambiance of your bedroom.
  • All built in wardrobes from fci London are made using the best high quality hardwood; this ensures that they are durable, and you’re given a lengthy warranty. You can thus rest assured that you’re getting value for your money, and that the wardrobe will serve you for long.
  • It’s also worth mentioning that fci London is able to customize your built in wardrobe, so that it meets your specific preferences and needs. For instance, you can have some compartments or a safe inserted inside the built in wardrobe, where you can safely store your jewelry and other valuable items.
  • The installers at fci London will also help install your built in wardrobe, which is to say that you won’t have to go searching for a technician to come do the installation. You thus save so much, by buying the built in wardrobes, and having it fixed by the same entity.
  • You can also opt for sliding doors for your built in wardrobe, rather than the traditional, hinged doors. Sliding doors are not just more aesthetically pleasing, they help save so much space.
  • fci London also stocks the best designer furniture; here you’ll get designer built in wardrobes that you can use in your modern bedroom. Thus if you have other designer furniture pieces in your bedroom, you can get a built in wardrobe of the same design and that matches with everything else therein.


Rummaging through a dark wardrobe is everyone’s worst nightmare; you can thus have your built in wardrobe fitted with unique lighting and LEDs. These can be fitted on individual shelves within the built in wardrobe, or have one long fluorescent tube running from top to bottom of the wardrobe. The tube can be of any color of your choice.

See about corner wardrobes

What Makes A Good Wedding Photographer

Weddings are a big part of our lives. For some it may be small, but for sure, others it is a huge thing.

All weddings are big. I mean, how can you have a boring Wedding? But we all need the best photographer to capture our greatest life moments.

To ensure you have the best photographer ever, watch the video below and find out!


African Wedding Traditions

Different Traditions: In AfricaNamibian-Wedding


In Ethiopia the Karo individuals enhance a young brides beauty by tattooing her abdomen with various signs/symbols.


Most marriages are worked out by the two families, with a civil ceremony securing the agreement. A priest may be present. A divorce is allowed and must also be negotiated. There is also a “temporary marriage”, by oral agreement prior to witnesses. The woman is paid wages, and is not eligible for inheritance, however children of the marriage are legally identified to qualify for inheritance. Priests may marry, however, not eligible for divorce or remarriage.


The Massai people of Kenya grow up with children of their own age. Normally, develop relationships with these people.  The bride packs all her possessions and is dressed in her finest jewellery. At the marriage, the father of the bride, spews on the bride head and breasts as a blessing. Then, she leaves her husband, walking to her new home. She never recalls that she will certainly turn to stone. This can be extremely depressing for the bride who is 13-16 years of age and has to leave to her new life. Also, in order to prevent curses, the women of the grooms family will insult the bride.


The Swahilli of Kenya shower brides in sandalwood oils and tattoo henna designs on her limbs/ arms or legs. A elder women will give instructions on how to please the groom.

In another area of Kenya, the highlight of the wedding is the Kupamba, which takes place in the night after the wedding. It is generally a display of the bride. It is very popular because it is an event just for the women and they enter the party they are able to take off their huge shrouds and show off fancy hairstyles and dresses.


For the Samburu tribe, marriage is an unique series of sophisticated ritual. Great importance is given to the preparation of presents by the groom. Two leathers, two copper earrings/jewels, a container for milk, a sheep and a gift for the ceremony. The marriage is wrapped when a bull enters  hut protected by the bride’s mother and is killed.


The Himba individuals of Namibia kidnap the bride before the ceremony and dress her in a leather marriage headdress. After the event, she is brought right into the house where the family informs her responsibilities will be as a wife and then afterwards bless her with butterfat from cows. This is to accept that she is now in the family.



The Wodabee of Niger court their cousins for marriage. The male relatives put on powerful amulets which are supposed to enhance their attractiveness to the girl.


The Neur people of Southern Sudan. The groom must pay 20-40 cattle, the marriage is completed only after the wife has birthed two children. If the wife only births one child, and the husband asks for a divorce, he can also ask for the return of cattle or the first child.



Must Have Foods For Your Wedding

What warms the souls of your guests at a wedding more than food? Food is an integral part of a wedding that everyone looks forward to, with the icing of it all being the wedding cake. The kind of food prepared and the manner at which it is presented carries heavy memories by the attendees after the day.

Some of the must have foods for your wedding are;

Mini foods;

These are the most adorable pieces of food. Nothing like miniature, sweet and adorable bites that just reminds us of our happy childhood memories. They can be served as appetizers, desserts or drinks. Beautifully arranged miniature foods are just as adorable as they can be decorative. You can place a variety on each table, that way the guests won’t have to clatter around the food bars as well as avoid queues. They also give you a chance to provide a variety of foods. Miniature foods are cheaper than normal sized food, thus you can have all kinds of deserts you want and your guests will enjoy tasting it all on one plate.

Some of the mini foods must haves for your wedding include;

  • Mini mac n cheese cups
  • Mini wich
  • Mini beer
  • Mini burger
  • Mini fruit cups
  • Mini beef wellingtons
  • Mini donuts
  • Mini cream puffs.

Midnight wedding snacks;

These don’t have to be necessarily served at midnight, but rather at the end of your wedding reception. Surprise your guests with these stylish snacks. They include;

  • Chocolate mousse shots.
  • Whipped cream and espresso.
  • Fruit parfaits.

Treat filled take out boxes

These are for guests to nimble on, and take home with them. Package them ahead of time or let guests pick them from a dessert bar. Including a wrapped piece of the wedding cakes makes it even more interesting and adorable.

Let your food choice create lasting memories in your guests’ minds.

Magician: The supreme entertainer

Everybody in the world looks for some clean entertainment at some time or the other. In the modern world there are many forms of entertainment available. For example movies, music live shows, sporting events, going out for a walk in a flower ridden garden, visiting a zoo, museum or going to a art gallery, going to magic show etc.

Going to watch a master magician at work is one of the best, cleanest and the most entertaining experience that one can ever have.

The magicians are among of the most skilled entertainers in the whole world. Magician is one person, when on song, can create illusions that are amazing, larger than life and are hard to believe. Even children enjoy the magic shows a lot. That is why the magic shows are healthy viewing that one can experience with family.

The payments received by a magician are quite good. A good skilled magician earns well, in fact as well as anyone in the entertainment world. See at www.alanhudson.net

Magician: The clean family entertainment

The Magicians are the most clean and healthy entertainers. When ever you are looking for some quality entertainment with family magic show is the place to visit. Of all the entertainments available in the world magic shows are the most fun, exciting and clean.
Even children enjoy the magician at work. The thrill, the excitement is great and the illusions created during the show is awe inspiring.

Magician Leicester is a greatly skilled professional who trains for years to master the tricks. Every few months, new tricks are thought of and executed with great skill.

The magician performs in huge halls, to packed audiences and the magician mesmerizes people with his art and perfection.

People especially children are among the largest fans of the magicians. Magician has this gift if creating such awesome illusions that people sit and watch,glued to their seats.