How to Do the Right Massage Therapy Procedure

After all you do every single day, it is no wonder that your body and mind crave a healing and tension-releasing massage session in order to help you feel relaxed and wind down. As a matter of fact, you just love someone to rub or work out the crick in your neck or knot in your back, something you always request to your loved one. The reality is, you can also give a therapeutic, yet at-home massage therapy which gives some of the best health advantages of a massage therapy session such as reducing stress, easing pain, improves blood flow and a lot more, while also making an intimate moment with you and your loved one. Enjoying this together allows you to communicate through touch in a soothing and private setting.

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Preparation for a Massage Therapy Session

1. Set a Soothing Place or Atmosphere

It is very essential to have a setting which is conducive to relaxation. turn off overhead lights, lighting candles and close all the blinds in order to minimize the light that enters the room. You may also want to play soft music and burn some incense to promote relaxation to your mind. Both you as well as the person you are massaging should turn the cell phones off and any other devices which can potentially disturb your moment.

2. Improve Your Touch with the Use of Massage Oils

Though it might no longer be necessary to use massage oils but it somehow decreases friction so your hands can effortlessly glide over skin and give a smoother, and more pleasurable feeling. Oils such as sunflower, grapeseed and almond all spread easily and moisturize the skin as well without making it greasy. Aside from that, you should also make sure that you rub the massage oil with your hands to warm it first before placing it on the skin of the person you are massaging.

3. Use Aromatherapy

Add some few drops of a very concentrated organic essential oil with a relaxing scent such as chamomile, sandalwood or lavender, to any massage oil to give extra touch and feel. You may also want to try essential oils with therapeutic properties like the tea tree oil, that can get rid of bacteria, as well as prevent infection. Eucalyptus oil, on the other hand, can relieve joint and muscle pains.

Techniques on Back Massage

A person you are giving the massage to must be lying with his or her face down with arms down by the sides, have the head turn to one side, and switching halfway through. Place a small, rolled towel or a pillow under the shoulder where she is facing. This technique helps ease neck tension.

Kneeling or standing over your partner so that you may use your weight in giving pressure, begin by putting a small drop of oil in your palm, and rub both of your hands to warm it. Then, massage the back with long, fluid strokes (effleurage). This stroke or technique will spread the massage oil and warms up your partner’s muscles. Contact massage therapy Santa Clarita if you want more information about proper massage therapy.

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